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Oct 2012

Welcome to Raw Nature for Cats & Dogs

On a regular basis I meet pet owners who have a dog or cat with a degenerative disease, allergy, behavioral problem or a variety of reoccurring illnesses.  These are the owners who have always believed in and put their trust in poor quality commercial pet food and the many pharmaceutical drugs handed out by well meaning veterinarians which alleviate symptoms but do very little to address the cause.

I truly believe after 12 years of having fed my pets a raw, homemade diet, that human grade, high quality ethical food, filled with life energy, is indeed, natural medicine for the mind and body.

Pet food….If it’s not good enough for us to eat then let's ask ourselves, is it good enough for our beloved pets and what are the long-term effects of it?

Please follow me on my journey to finding even more natural ways to improve health, prevent disease and to increase vitality and longevity through food and natural medicine. I believe it's all about working with what nature intended and realising that there are many things we can do to assist our pets to have a higher quality of life.

I do hope you will find my website informative and useful; that your much loved dogs and cats will benefit as much as mine already have and continue to do so.

Marie Atkinson

Medical Disclaimer: All of the advice, recipes, ideas, articles contained in this website are based on many years of research, education and personal experience. However, this website is not a substitute for Veterinary care. Any application of the material set forth in this website is at the viewers discretion and is his or her sole responsibility.