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    Aloe Vera to the rescue

    Aloe Vera is an easy to grow and maintain plant. The incredible medicinal properties of the gel contained in the leaves are truly a gift from nature.
    Useful for many ailments of the body, it has the ability to heal:
    - burns (mix gel with a little Vitamin E oil)
    - skin rashes
    - skin infections
    - dry, flaky skin
    - hot spots (common in some dog breeds)
    - sunburn
    - insect bites
    - relieves eczema and dermatitis

    photo-59 IMG_0012
    Before Bella was rescued she had been living on a commercial heavily processed diet. She had poor skin, hot spots, poor coat condition, digestive upsets and all the signs of periodontal disease. Aloe Vera helped clear up the hot spots and soothed her digestive system, whilst the all-raw, fresh diet healed her body from the inside out.

    Taken orally, aloe vera can:
    - relieve heartburn (by increasing pH)
    -reduce acidity in the gut following a stomach upset (vomiting). Aloe vera juice mixed with a little slippery elm powder works wonders for relieving an upset stomach.
    - give relief to arthritis
    - aid the normalization of the blood sugar, lessening symptoms of diabetes
    - reduce inflammation
    - be a wonderful detoxifier
    - reduce symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome
    - reduce bloating and indigestion
    - improve the overall health of the digestive system
    - stimulate the liver to produce more glutathione (an antioxidant critical for the production of white blood cells)
    - Decrease the need for kidney dialysis (keeps kidneys working more efficiently if taken on a daily basis)
    - If taken on a daily basis provide hydration for the body due to its high content of hydrogen
    - Acts as a prebiotic, providing nutrients for probiotics (good bacteria eg: live bacteria such as acidophilus, bifidus). As a result this improves the effectiveness of probiotics
    - Dissolves mucous in the intestines, which greatly assists absorption of nutrients

    Apart from all of these wonderful benefits, Aloe Vera contains an array of nutrients supporting the overall health of the body. Aloe vera gel (or indeed aloe vera juice bought from your local health food shop) contains:

    - vitamins A, C, E
    - minerals including calcium, magnesium, zinc, selenium, chromium
    - antioxidants
    - fibre
    - amino acids
    - enzymes (which naturally improve absorption of nutrients)
    - polysaccharides (which assist to lubricate joints, brain, nervous system and the skin)

    In conclusion, I strongly suggest we should all have a large pot of aloe vera growing in the backyard and a bottle of aloe vera juice ‘on hand’ in the fridge at all times.
    Make aloe vera part of your day and your much-loved pet’s day too. The health benefits speak for themselves.
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