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    Medicinal Mushrooms for a Stronger Immune System

    Mushrooms have been used as an important part of Chinese Medicine for thousands of years. It's only recently that they have become a modern scientific study. With an increasing number of studies being carried out, clinical research is proving that medicinal mushrooms are indeed a potent form of healing. Their active ingredient, beta glucan has been shown to increase the immune cell response. Beta glucan is a polysaccharide from the mushroom cell wall, which is responsible for activating white blood cells.

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    They are renowned for their ability to:

    - Stimulate the immune system
    - Improve memory
    - Improve concentration
    - Support liver function
    - Support kidney function
    - Improve the health of the skin
    - Increase energy whilst lowering stress
    - Reduce asthma
    - Strengthen the cardio-vascular system
    - Prevent and treat cancer

    Are they safe for cats and dogs?

    Absolutely. Medicinal mushrooms are very beneficial to cats and dogs. They are non-toxic and carry no harmful side effects, which are commonly seen in conventional medicine.

    In what form are medicinal mushroom found?
    Most health food shops now sell a range of medicinal mushrooms either dried or as a powder in easy to swallow capsules.

    The most beneficial form of medicinal mushrooms are those that have been prepared by
    'hot water extraction.’

    Hot water extraction ensures that the active components are released from within the tough chitin cell walls rather than broken apart by a grinding action.

    When buying any form of medicinal mushrooms look for the label
    'produced by hot water extraction.'

    Some Internet pet suppliers also sell medicinal mushrooms in a powder form. A very popular brand called 'MUSH Medicinal Mushroom Blend for Pets' can be purchased on

    The types of medicinal mushrooms available are:

    Chaga. A powerful antioxidant

    Agaricus blazei. Simulates natural killer cells as part of the immune response

    Cordyceps. Increase of energy, stamina, endurance whilst lowering stress

    Coriolus. Widely used immune support

    Lion's Mane. To improve memory and concentration, accelerates growth of the myelin sheath around the nerve cells.

    Maitake. Supports the health of the immune system

    Reishi. Lowers inflammation, eases respiratory problems, lowers stress

    Shiitake. Improves liver function by helping clear out toxins, prevents viral replication

    Tremella. To improve health of the skin

    Many of the commercial products are a blend of several mushrooms and advertised as
    'immune support.' Hopefully the summary (as above) of each mushroom will assist you in choosing the correct blend for your pet or indeed for yourself.

    What dosage should you give your pet?

    Approx: 1/4 teaspoon each day of powdered medicinal mushrooms for every 10kg of body weight.

    Can they be used long term?
    Medicinal mushrooms are extremely safe to use short and long term. If you would like your cat or dog to remain healthy and strong with minimal sickness you could add a little medicinal mushroom powder into their food 3-4 times a week.

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