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    Burger for Brunch, RMB for dinner!

    The Brunch menu

    This is a recipe for high fibre burgers that can be packaged individually and frozen. One of these burgers can be given in the morning or lunchtime, which would then be followed in the evening, ideally, by a Raw Meaty Bone.

    Burger ingredients:

    400 grams mixed shredded or pulped vegetables and fruit (eg: celery, spinach, carrot, banana, apple, tomatoes)
    400 grams lean mincemeat (eg: chicken, kangaroo, beef, lamb)
    50 grams lambs liver
    2 heaped tablespoons oat bran
    50 grams grated Parmesan cheese (high in calcium, 50g = 600mg calcium)
    100 grams thick set plain yoghurt
    2 free range eggs (yolk and white)
    2500mg Vitamin C powder
    1200-1500mg B Complex vitamins
    2 tsp Kelp powder
    8 Digestive enzyme tablets (eg: Bromelain)
    150 grams ground sunflower or sesame seeds (hint: use a coffee grinder)
    Abi in intense mode
    Mix all of the above except for the sunflower or sesame seeds. Make into burger balls (what size?....depends on the size of your dog).
    Roll your burger balls in the ground seeds before packaging into freezer bags.
    Thaw completely before serving. Add 1 tsp of cod liver oil and 1 tsp flaxseed oil to each 200 grams.

    Dinner time
    Hand over what your dog has been waiting for all day…..the Raw meaty Bone (RMB)!

    Depending on the size, breed, temperament of your dog this could be:
    Lamb bones, chicken carcass, rabbit carcass, beef ribs or chicken necks.

    RMB’s should be chewed up and not swallowed whole. They should be of a size and shape that your dog is capable of eating the whole thing.
    Large beef bones should only be used for recreational purposes.
    Once dogs have chewed on the ends of a large beef bone, (in my own experience and given knowledge), I advice they should be taken away from your dog and thrown away….this only applies to large beef bones.
    Note: large beef bones can be brittle and have the potential to damage teeth. This does not apply to the smaller animal bones, they are soft and easy to digest and absorb, especially chicken bones.
    The perfect ‘beginner RMB’ is the chicken neck. They are soft, contain bone and a lot of cartilage and as a result they are easily digested.
    Know that raw meat and bones are easier to digest than cooked meat.
    Never give your cat or dog cooked bones.

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