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    My Cats Favourite Chicken Meal

    Oliver & Zuccos favourite Chicken Meal

    200 grams free-range ground whole chicken with bones (without skin)
    20 grams
    organic lambs liver
    1 jar (120g) peas and brown rice (organic pureed baby food)
    1 tsp flaxseed oil
    1 tsp
    salmon oil
    200iu Vitamin E
    1 capsule
    probiotics (live bacteria)
    1 tablet
    digestive enzyme
    2 tsp supplement mix (see my supplement page)
    IMG_0433 2
    These are my cats favourite pureed vegetables

    I mix all of these ingredients together and I place the mixture into an airtight ceramic bowl in the fridge. It usually feeds my 2 cats for 1 day.
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