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    Raw Patties for Puppies 4-6 weeks old onwards
    1kg raw crushed vegetables* and fruit*
    1kg finely minced lean meat (chicken, beef, lamb, kangaroo)
    200g plain, low fat yoghurt
    3 raw free-range eggs (yolk and egg white)

    2 to 3 tbs flaxseed oil
    200g lambs liver
    1 to 2 cloves of garlic (only if your pet likes the taste!)
    2 to 3 tbs kelp powder
    2g Vitamin C
    2g B Vitamins (Brewers Yeast)

    3.5g Calcium carbonate powder

    The mixture can be separated into small 100g packages and frozen for convenience.
    Vitamin E should be added to the patty just prior to feeding time.
    The amount of Vitamin E is: 5kg body weight = 100iu Vitamin E/daily
    Cod Liver Oil should also be added upon feeding.
    The amount of Cod Liver Oil is: 5kg body weight = 1-2ml/daily (1/4 to 1/2 tsp)
    The calcium added is to balance the high phosphorus levels in the meat and offal. The general rule is for every 150 grams of meat, 300mg of calcium carbonate should be added. Fortunately when feeding raw bones there is no need for synthetically added calcium.

    *Vegetables that can be used for the patties are: silver beet, spinach, celery, and root vegetables such as carrots and sugar beets.
    *Fruits that can be added include: tomatoes, apple, orange, mangoes, and bananas

    The ratio of vegetables to lean mince in the patties should, over time, be changed to include more vegetables and less meat. This prevents the puppy from receiving too much protein and an excessive growth rate, both of which can cause skeletal problems, especially in the larger breed dogs.

    To increase variety to the puppy
    s diet, healthy food scraps and an occasional porridge meal can be added as well. Healthy scraps for example are left over rice, scrambled egg, cottage cheese, fruit salad and plain yoghurt.
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