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    Raw, tasty chicken burgers for dogs

    Once you have prepared this mixture which may take about an hour of your time, you can make heaps of burgers, freeze them individually and you have a meal ready to go on the days when making dinner is toooooo time consuming.

    Your supermarket list:

    2 whole chickens (de-skinned and chopped into pieces that will fit into a meat mincing machine.) Between 1500-1800 grams
    150 grams raw liver or kidney
    2 cloves chopped garlic
    3 eggs
    200 grams ricotta cheese
    200 grams shredded vegetables (eg: carrot, celery, green beans)
    4 tablespoons fish oil
    3 tablespoons flaxseed oil
    1 tablespoon brewers yeast powder
    1 tablespoon kelp powder
    100 grams ground sesame and sunflower seeds
    2000 iu Vitamin E

    - Place all of the offal and chicken including the bones into the meat mincing machine into a large mixing bowl
    - Add all of the above ingredients, except for the sesame and sunflower seeds.
    - Mix the ingredients and make into burger-sized balls.
    - Roll your burger balls in the ground sesame and sunflower seeds
    - Place the burger balls into freezer bags
    - Freeze for up to 8 weeks to maintain freshness.
    - Serve when defrosted with a drizzle of fish oil on top, do not cook them….raw is best!
    *If you don’t have a meat grinder then you can buy 1500 grams of chicken fillets and add approximately 4-5 grams of calcium carbonate powder to the mix. This is important as meat without bones is almost void of calcium and has way too much phosphorus.
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