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    Renal Support 2

    Kidney Disease Diet for Cats
    recommended by Dr Goldstein (DVM)

    1 egg yolk (raw)
    ½ cup chicken meat (raw)
    1/3 cup cooked brown rice or barley or oatmeal
    2 cups filtered/bottled water
    ½ tsp finely minced parsley
    ½ tsp finely grated asparagus
    1 tsp salmon oil
    1 multivitamin

    my essential extras:
    Calcium supplement to balance calcium and phosphorus
    - Add 300mg calcium carbonate powder to every 300g raw meat
    - Substitute half the water for some pureed baby food eg: pumpkin, green peas, wintersquash, sweet potatoes.
    IMG_0433 2

    optional additions:
    small amount of liver
    plain yoghurt (Goldstein et al 2005)

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