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    Renal Support Chicken Meal for Cats

    Diet recommended for cats with Kidney Disease (recipe for 5-6 days)
    By Dr Pitcairn (DVM)

    1 ½ cups raw chicken meat
    4 cups cooked white rice (contains iron and lots of B vitamins)
    4 cooked eggs
    2 tbsp safflower oil
    3 tsp calcium powder (rather than bone or bone meal which is high in phosphorus)
    ¼ tsp iodized salt
    1 tsp chopped parsley
    5000iu Vitamin A
    2000mg Vitamin C
    250mg Taurine
    50mg Vitamin B Complex (Pitcairn et al 2005)

    I tried this recipe and found it to be a little dry.
    My addition to this recipe is a jar of pureed pumpkin baby food.
    As Oliver doesn’t like cooked eggs I made this recipe with only 2 raw eggs and a little chopped raw liver (which he adores).
    I’m not convinced with using white rice as a better option than brown rice.
    I have also made this recipe using cooked barley in place of rice, which works really well, also with lots of nutrients and fibre.

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