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    Zucco's Favourite Dairy Meal for Cats and Dogs

    Here is another favourite food for, in particular my 2 year- old rescue cat.

    Eggy Flip
    1 raw egg yolk (free range) or whole egg (without shell)
    1 heaped tsp plain organic yoghurt
    1/2 capsule borage seed oil or blackcurrant oil
    1/8 tsp alfalfa powder
    1/2 capsule cod liver oil
    200iu Vitamin E

    Eggs are a high quality protein. The reason why I sometimes take away the white of the egg is that it contains a chemical called avidin, which binds to the B vitamin Biotin rendering the biotin useless. Giving whole raw eggs on a regular basis in large quantities can lead to a biotin deficiency, therefore on most occasions I will only make this mix with the egg yolk. There are high levels of calcium in the yolk plus lots of vitamins, fatty acids, lecithin, enzymes and iron. (Billinghurst 1993)
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