health and longevity with the raw food diet…

Here are some of the most popular and well liked cat and dog recipes that are simple to put together, mega healthy and they can be frozen in meal size portions to save time and more importantly to prevent you opening a bag of commercial dog food! These are the 'no excuses' recipes:-)
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Oliver & Zuccos favourite Chicken Meal
200 grams free-range ground whole chicken (without skin)
20 grams
organic lambs liver
1 jar (120g) peas and brown rice (organic pureed baby food)
1 tsp flaxseed oil
1 tsp
salmon oil
200iu Vitamin E
1 capsule
probiotics (live bacteria)
1 tablet
digestive enzyme
2 tsp supplement mix (see my supplement page)

I mix all of these ingredients together and I place the mixture into an airtight ceramic bowl in the fridge. It usually feeds my 2 cats for 1 day.
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The High Protein Meal
500g Minced chicken
50g Kidney, liver or heart
1500mg Calcium carbonate powder

2-3 Raw eggs (yolk and white)
100g shredded,grated or pulped vegetables
6 tsp Salmon or Cod Liver Oil
5 tsp Brewers yeast (if your dog is not allergic to yeast)
3 tsp Kelp powder
2 tsp Vitamin C powder

Mix all of the above and divide into meal size portions. You can coat the portions in sesame seeds, which makes them more nutritious, easier to handle and place in freezer bags.

The Bone Meal (based on a 20-30kg dog)
2 tablespoons of plain yoghurt
1 digestive enzyme
1 probiotic capsule
1 tsp fish oil
½ tsp vital greens powder (spirulina, chorella, barley grass, wheatgrass..usually available already mixed in your local health food store)

Then hand your dog their favourite thing in the whole world.a raw meaty bone

Raw Chicken necks
Raw Chicken or rabbit carcass
Raw Chicken Thigh with Bone
Raw Lamb shank (if you have a medium to large size dog)
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Lamb Meal (another cat favourite)
150 grams chopped lamb meat
1 jar (120g) pumpkin (organic pureed baby food)
1 heaped tbsp plain organic yoghurt
2 tsp
*supplement mix
1 capsule probiotic
1 tablet digestive enzyme
300mg calcium carbonate (or
½ tsp powdered egg shell)
1 tsp olive oil
200iu Vitamin E
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Leafy Green Veggie Meal for Dogs
1 cup pulped vegetables
1-2 egg yolks or cottage cheese
1tsp fish oil
1 tsp apple cider vinegar
1 tsp supplement mix (multi vitamins and minerals)

* the supplement mix can be bought from pet shops or you local Vet clinic
or if you have time you can make your own……see my supplement page.
Here is another favourite food for, in particular my 2 year-old rescue cat. This recipe is great for cats and dogs of all ages, weights and breeds.

Eggy Flip
1 raw egg yolk (free range) or whole egg (without shell)
1 heaped tsp plain organic yoghurt
1/2 capsule borage seed oil or evening primrose oil
1/2 capsule cod liver oil (200iu)
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Raw Whole Chicken Burgers for dogs
“Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food”
2 whole chickens (de-skinned and chopped into pieces that will fit into a meat mincing machine.) Between 1500-1800 grams
150 grams raw liver or kidney
2 cloves chopped garlic
2 eggs
200 grams ricotta cheese
200 grams shredded vegetables (eg: carrot, celery, green beans)
6 tablespoons fish oil
3 tablespoons olive oil
1 tablespoon brewers yeast powder
1 tablespoon kelp powder
2 grams Vitamin C powder
100 grams ground sesame and sunflower seeds (to coat the raw burgers)


- Place all of the offal and chicken including the bones into the meat mincing machine into a large mixing bowl
- Add all of the above ingredients, except for the sesame seeds.
- Mix the ingredients and make into burger-sized balls.
- Roll your burger balls in the ground sesame seeds (use a coffee grinder)
- Place the burger balls into freezer bags
- Freeze for up to 8 weeks to maintain freshness.
- Serve when defrosted with a drizzle of fish oil on top, do not cook them….raw is best! Remebember that cooked bones are dangerous.
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Mincemeat, bone and oats feast

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500grams mincemeat (lamb or beef)
3 chicken carcasses minced (meat grinding machine required)
1 cup rolled oats
1 cup grated courgette/marrow
100 grams cottage cheese
2 teaspoon brewers yeast powder
5 teaspoons fish oil
2 tablespoons my supplement mix or a pet multivitamin & mineral mix

Mix all the ingredients together, freeze in meal size portions.
The chicken carcasses are important to balance calcium and phosphorus. These will easily mince in a good meat grinder. A meat grinder in your kitchen is a great investment.

Make your own Cat and Dog Supplement mix

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*Supplement mix: 1 heaped teaspoon=approx 2 grams
6 grams brewers yeast
6 grams alfalfa powder
12 grams lecithin granules
6 grams kelp
60 grams ground sunflower seeds
12 grams Vitamin C
6 grams Vitamin B complex
3 grams spirulina
6 grams L-Lysine
1.8 grams MSM
1.2 grams odourless garlic powder

1 teaspoon of this supplement mix weighs approx 2 grams. As this mixture weighs in total 120 grams, it makes approximately 60 individual servings.

To all Raw Diet Advocates......please read this!

"Calcium carbonate powder is a very poor source of calcium but an essential one if your pet has no access to raw meaty bones. Bones should be part of the diet. Primarily chicken, rabbit and lamb bones are ideal in their whole form. However if you do not want to give your pet bones then invest in a meat grinder that will at the very least grind and mince chicken bones. Raw bones provide an array of nutrients including calcium and other minerals, essential fatty acids and vitamins. If you want the very best for your cat or dog then bones should be included either whole or ground up."
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The ideal overall adult cat diet should be made up of...

*60-70% Raw Meat & Bones
*10-20% pulped vegetables and fruit
10% Offal (kidney, liver, heart)
10% other foods (including eggs) plus supplements
* The ratio of meat and bones to vegetables depend on the age and health of your cat
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What are we aiming for in creating the best dog diet?

Overall Diet

*50-60% Raw Meat & Bones
*20-30% pulped vegetables and fruit
10% Offal (kidney, liver, heart)
10% other foods (including eggs) plus supplements
* some dogs may need more vegetables than others to prevent constipation