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  • Healthy Powder
    Popular Veterinarian and author Dr Pitcairn is also an advocate of brewers yeast in the raw diet. He suggests making his Healthy Powder, which should be added to every raw meal:

    Recipe for Healthy Powder:

    2 cups brewers yeast (contains 1:4 Ca:P)
    1 cup lecithin granules (contains 1:4 Ca:P)
    ¼ cup kelp powder (contains 2.6:1 Ca:P)
    4 tbsp calcium (based on 1tbsp = 4500mg )
    1000mg Vitamin C

    My addition:
    ½ cup ground sunflower seeds


    Cats 1 to 2 tsp/day Dogs up to 2 tablespoons/day

    **As Dr Pitcairn does not recommend feeding raw meaty bones to cats and dogs, all of his diet recipes including this supplement powder contain some form of calcium. Not an advocate of raw bones, Dr Pitcairn suggests, You may let your pet gnaw on bones occasionally as a snack, not as a major part of the diet. (Pitcairn 2005)
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