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  • Oils for a Beautiful Coat for Cats and Dogs
    141g olive oil or soybean oil
    28g cod liver oil or salmon oil (for Omega 3)
    28g wheat germ oil (rich in vitamin E and antioxidants)
    28g flaxseed oil (mostly omega 6 as the omega 3 is not useable for cats)
    1tsp garlic powder (not all cats like the taste of garlic, use odourless garlic)
    ½ tsp dried rosemary (soothes digestion, relieves gas)

    The oil mix should be stored in a dark, airtight, glass container in the refrigerator. Flaxseed oil is very volatile and breaks down more quickly than the other oils; therefore the oil mix should be used according to the expiry date of the flaxseed. The author suggests that the oil mix should be used within two months. (Brown 2006)
    I personally prefer to keep oils separate, in particular flaxseed oil which spoils easily. Rather than wheat germ oil which my pets dislike the taste of, I prefer to use coconut oil. In place of flaxseed oil, I use borage seed oil or blackcurrant oil.
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