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    "I’m against giving my dog raw bones….so how else do I get calcium into the food without resorting to ‘calcium carbonate’ supplements?"
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    Bella with a raw, fresh organic lamb bone

    1. There are some great foods, which are high in calcium that you can add to a raw homemade diet.
    2. The importance of balancing calcium and phosphorus in the cat and dog diet is essential to long-term health!
    3. Supplementing the diet with calcium can be carried out in the form of raw bones, food and/or supplements.

    4. The general rule of how much calcium should be added to a raw, no bone diet is:
    for every 150 grams of meat/offal, add 300-400mg calcium.
    (Animal Nutritionists vary in their advice, the amount I have given is a guideline based on the average amount recommended)

    Calcium can be supplemented using eggshells.
    1 tsp egg shell powder = approx 2000 mg calcium
    How do I prepare the eggshell powder?
    - save all of the old egg shells, rinse them out and place to one side on a sheet of silver foil or a baking tray, allow them to dry out for a couple of days.
    - Place them in a warm oven for 15 minutes (150 degrees celcius)
    - The egg shells should be thoroughly dried out and brittle when they come out
    - Using a hand held coffee grinder, grind the shells to a very fine powder.
    - Store in a sealed container in the refrigerator
    1 tsp = 2000mg calcium
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    Foods high in calcium that can be added to the raw cat and dogs food diet are:
    Parmesan cheese 1 tablespoon = 69mg calcium
    Roasted sesame seeds (ground) 1 tablespoon = 88mg calcium
    Ground flaxseeds 1 teaspoon = 26mg calcium
    Low fat plain yoghurt 100 grams = 183mg calcium
    Cooked quinoa 1 cup = 80mg calcium

    No excuses. Be sure that your homemade cat or dog diet is adequately supplemented with the right amount of calcium! Back to Articles Menu
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