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    Do cats and dogs need each meal to be complete and balanced?

    I do not believe there is such a thing as a meal that is complete and balanced for cats and dogs or indeed for a human.
    Whether that meal is raw, cooked or a commercial pet food, the over marketed, over advertised label of ‘
    complete and balanced’ is simply an eye catching tool as part of a clever sales campaign.

    In order to support my claim, holistic, organic, healthy meals for humans are designed for nutrition, taste, and quality and of a portion size to meet either a child or adult. Therefore the meal is not specific to the individual’s needs based on emotions, stress, sickness, energy levels that day and any deficiencies they may have. It is simply a healthy meal that will support, nourish and meet ‘some‘ of what we need until the next meal. Over time, eating a diverse and healthy diet we will achieve a relatively balanced diet rather than the impossible task of achieving it in each and every meal.

    How do we ensure our diet is complete and balanced?
    In our own lives, we choose a wide range of foods, we may also take several supplements and assume that we are, over time, consuming a balanced diet. How we feel, how much energy we have, how our digestive system is working are all indications of the diet we choose.

    How about our cats and dogs?
    The same is for pets. If we educate ourselves on what their basic nutritional needs are and attempt to reach those needs over a day or week of meals then we have achieved our task. If we also pay attention to our pet's behaviour, energy levels, their toilet habits, we will soon have a good indication of how the diet is working.

    In order to really achieve a complete and balanced meal, a scientific study would have to be carried out on the individual before preparing each and every meal. Another problem is that when all components of a diet are blended and processed together into for example a dried cat biscuit, the nutritional components may counteract one another. As a result, this attempt to put everything into one food source may in fact render some of the important nutrients useless. (Goldstein 1999)

    A ‘complete and balanced diet’ is unrealistic, and demonstrates how misleading a perfectly legal piece of advertising on a pet food package can be so incredibly wrong.

    My advise, get fresh, get raw and do your homework on what you and your pets need for a healthy, all natural species appropriate diet.

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