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    The Raw Diet
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    The health benefits of feeding dogs and cats a raw whole food diet

    Wake up all pet owners, there is a much more healthy way to feed your cats and dogs that does not include heavily processed, cooked, unnatural, poorly digested, dead food. The answer to health and longevity, vitality and quality of life is a Raw Food Diet, that you can make easily at home or when life gets hectic, there are readily available, already mixed, variety of animal produce, frozen patties available in the larger Pet Supply Stores. A great brand my pets like is Big Dog Barf, Australia.

    Dogs and Cats eating a raw food diet is not new. In fact it
    s been around for the last 35 million years! Humans decided to change the diet of our four legged companions only about 50 years ago. At that time, pets and strays were given cooked food scraps, which later developed into the multi billion- dollar commercial pet food industry we know today. Whilst home cooked foods maintain the health in some cats and dogs, it certainly isnt what nature intended.

    When we look at the physical and biological structure of our carnivorous furry friends they have incredibly powerful jaws with a set of teeth perfect for tearing meat, crunching bones and munching on intestinal contents and offal. Their digestive tracts are short, unlike humans (we have a long digestive tract which doesn
    t make eating a raw kangaroo a healthy option). A cat or dog on a raw food diet has a very acidic stomach with a natural pH of 2 or lower, perfect for breaking down protein, fats and bone. In this hostile environment pathogens such as E. Coli and Salmonella dont stand a chance. Natural live enzymes only found in raw food, assist the process of digestion and the absorption of nutrients into the blood.

    Switching from a heavily processed unnatural diet of dried biscuits and canned food with their mysterious and scary contents, to a species appropriate, natural, nature intended diet is truly an awakening your pets will thank you for. Introducing a raw diet is a journey where cat and dog food eliminates, or at the very least, reduces health issues to a place where immune systems are strong, where vitality and health is part of life, where infections, allergies and disease are almost non existent and to a place where quality and zest for life comes first. A Raw Diet brings physical, biological and mental strength with less or no medications, less trips to the Vets and more time enjoying your pets company.

    One last point that is important to the integrity and ethical nature of making raw food for cats and dogs, we at Raw Nature for Cats & Dogs, believe that all ingredients should be of human grade quality, ingredients you would confidently eat yourself. The produce we recommend is
    cruelty free free range and/or organic. This means that when your pet eats the produce we recommend they are getting all the nutrients without the heavy loading of toxins found in factory-farmed produce.
    Our policy is that the food we eat, including our pets should not come from cruelty, suffering of any kind or from farm animals loaded with chemicals from poor nutrition and unhealthy living conditions.
    See the difference for yourself, switch your pets to what nature intended, a raw diet. As caring pet owners, you
    ll never look back.

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